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Become an Advocate

As one of the world’s foremost urban research institutions, it is imperative that we play a strong role with our local, state and national governments.

If we don’t speak up for ourselves – who will? There are a multitude of public policy issues that directly affect the future of the medical school and the Wayne State University Physicians Group including state appropriations, support for graduate medical education, NIH research and other federal agency grants, and funding for indigent care, just to name a few. Our expertise and passion for these issues must be communicated to those who make decisions.

There are many ways that you directly can engage in legislative advocacy. The first step is to sign up on this webpage and be a legislative advocate. Throughout the state and federal legislative calendar, we will be red flagging issues where we need your help. You will receive an email notice and instructions about how you can email or otherwise contact your elected representatives.

The Wayne State University School of Medicine is a unique gem for this state and the country. It is up to us to carry that message forward.

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